Top 5 Tips amidst the coronavirus pandemic

During times of uncertainty, we like to offer encouragement and tips you may want to implement over the coming weeks.

1.  Firstly, look after your health, both physically and mentally. There are still so many things we can be grateful for in life and looking into the future there will be opportunities available we could have only dreamt of a few months ago.

2.  Keep some cash reserves. As rates start to move closer to 0% maybe visit your local branch and have some $$$ at home like they did in the old days… you know, just in case.

3.  Also build some savings fast if you haven’t already. Yes you may want to sell something!

4.  Now is NOT the time to fix your home loan or investment loan (this is NOT financial advice) as we will see the rates go down to 0% very quickly and this will enable you to pay down your mortgage faster and reduce monthly costs.

5.  What you should be doing with regards to your home loan is reaching out to us at The Loan Room for a review of your current rates. It is a great time to access equity while it is so cheap and while the banks are still lending.

If you have any fears or concerns, please reach out as we are all here to help!

Stay safe and encouraged.

Kind regards,

Martin Bennett
CEO & Senior Mortgage Broker