*Offer valid until 30th June 2020. Terms & Conditions apply. 


Had a great experience at The Loan Room and would recommend us to others? Our Stimulus Package is designed to help and support everyone that supports us. And we wanted to find a way to give back during COVID-19’s financially difficult times. If we’re able to assist your friend or family member with their loan*, not only will you be benefiting them but we’ll also give you a Visa Gift Card up to the value of $500 for each successful referral.

Stimulus Package Referral Form

Refer your friends, colleagues and family using the form below. You can keep submitting a new form for each person you think may benefit from our services.

    We’ve helped thousands of Australians finance their dreams

    TLR Stars

    “A simple coffee meeting has turned out to be a great relationship with The Loan Room. Their services and advice has been very beneficial and they were able to negotiate a far greater rate from the Major Banks. They showed us clearly the pros and cons of each Institution and gave us ample time to select our current lender. Give it a go, it’s well worth it!” – John Sanderson, Hawthorn VIC

    TLR Stars

    “My experience as a nervous first home buyer was extremely smooth due to my broker’s expert advice! She explained everything to me with exceptional patience, and provided honest answers to all my questions. She went above and beyond to assist me – from property advice, to loan comparisons, to settlement. I don’t think I could’ve done it without her! Thank you!” – Heather Stewart, VIC

    Frequently asked questions

    Who can I refer?

    Home owners, first home buyers and people looking to purchase property, investors, anyone that hasn’t reviewed their current home loan in the last 12 months… Anyone basically!


    Lenders are offering some of the lowest interest rates on record so now is the time to take advantage and we’re here to help everyone get the best deal.

    How do you contact them?

    Unless specified otherwise, we’ll usually call your referred friend or family member within 48 hours of receiving the information you provide to us. If we’re unable to reach them, we’ll leave a brief voicemail and try them again another time. If we fail to receive a response we may send a direct email which they can unsubscribe to any time.


    If at any time they advise they are not interested in our services or wish to unsubscribe from our database, we’ll respectfully never contact them again. We understand how annoying some companies can be when it comes to marketing and we like to do things differently!

    What do you say to my referrals?

    Don’t worry, we don’t give out any details to third parties so your referrals won’t feel spammed, harassed or pressured into anything.


    One of our experienced Home Loan Specialists will give them a quick courtesy call and simply advise you shared your contacts with us because you recently had a great experience. We’ll ask them if they’re happy with their current mortgage, interest rate or loan terms as COVID-19 is effecting many home and business owners. Lenders are also offering some of the lowest interest rates ever in Australia.


    If they tell us they’re not interested, they’ll never hear from us again. Just like we did for you, we’re hear to help – not waste each others time.

    When do I receive my Gift Card?

    Interest rates are low at the moment. Lenders are competing for your business and provide commissions to brokers like us – it’s how we get paid. And while the current financial climate may be tough for some, we’re passing on these commission benefits to clients that recommend our services.


    Lenders pay our commissions after settlement of a new or refinanced loan, but we’ll be in touch beforehand to obtain your postal address to mail out your Visa Gift Card upon settlement.


    Please note, due to privacy reasons, under no circumstances will we share personal or financial information about you or the person you referred to each other. Only successful application and loan settlement confirmations will be advised to you prior to sending out your Gift Card. 

    What are the Terms & Conditions?

    • All referrals must be new clients to The Loan Room and will not be classified as referrals if The Loan Room or our brokers have an existing relationship with clients or have previously provided support or other services to that client.
    • Payment will be made in the form of a prepaid Visa Card and is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
    • Only one prepaid Visa Gift Card, valued up to $500 (20% of TLR commission or $500 which ever is lesser) will be made for each new valid referral that proceeds to settlement. Subsequent loan services received will not qualify for an additional payment.
    • Referral payment will be made up to 30 days following settlement of the referred client’s loan.
    • Referral payment will not be made if any of the following events occur: loan does not proceed to settlement, loan is declined, loan amount is less than $100,000.
    • A referrer may choose that the referral payment be paid to either themselves or the loan applicants.
    • Referrers should remember it is their responsibility to ensure that Gift Cards are used before the expiry date.
    • Gift Cards will be sent by Australia Post mail. Once the gift card has been received, The Loan Room are deemed to have fulfilled their obligations to the referrer and no further claim will be accepted.

    When does this offer expire?

    The Loan Room Stimulus Package is valid to all successful referrals received by the 30th of June 2020.

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