The RBA has cut the official cash rate to record lows! Now is the time to check you have the most competitive home loan.



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With record low interest rates and an optimistic market throughout Australia, choosing to refinance a home loan now makes a lot of sense to a lot of people.

There are several great reasons to refinance a mortgage including the purchase of an investment property, the consolidation of debt, the improvement of interest rates, or a desire to switch between fixed and variable loans.


For many borrowers these reasons may not be clear. Indeed, lower interest rates may often be supplanted by large fees and other hidden charges associated with the loan process. Also, just like acquiring an initial home loan, refinancing a mortgage requires an application process followed by a careful home loan comparison. We not only present customers with these differentials, we also take time to guide each person through the refinance process and provide sound mortgage advice specific to your financial circumstances.

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Guide to Refinancing

As time passes, your needs change. The loan that was perfect for you a few years ago may not be the best loan for you today. Download our free guide to reviewing the health of your mortgage and an introduction to refinancing your home loan.

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TLR Stars

“The Loan Room has, without fuss refinanced a loan for a senior women at a low rate. Thank you for your pleasant and competent approach and for allowing me to feel comfortable throughout the process. Highly recommended.”  – Carol Brown via Facebook

TLR Stars

“With the recent refinance of my existing home and subsequent new purchase of my next home I found the team at The Loan Room to be thorough and supportive in the home loan process. They made the whole process much easier and communicated well with me throughout the process. I would recommend The Loan Room to any potential home buyers.”  – Kerrie Whitehead Croydon, VIC


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