Is Home Staging Worth It?

If you’ve ever attended an open house and found yourself impressed by chic decor, chances are you’ve witnessed the work of a property stylist.

When it comes to selling a property, your real estate agent might be the frontman, but a property stylist is often the hero working behind the scenes.

While the dollar value of home staging can be difficult to quantify, a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors found that property styling both increases the value of the home compared to similar properties on the market, and reduces the time the home spends on the market.

In today’s crowded real estate market, staging is “no longer an optional, it’s a necessity”, stylist Sara says.

“We live in an online environment. Photography is everything. Our approach is adding value to real estate by presenting them in completely fresh new ways. Vendors often have lived in a property for a long time, or have not invested in the type of furniture needed to bring it to life.”

Selling property is a numbers game, and home staging plays a key role in attracting a wide array of buyers.

A great campaign photographed beautifully and styled well will attract a lot more attention to the property.


Photo credit: Coco Republic


The popularity of home renovation shows such as ‘The Block’ has increased public interest in property presentation, Coco Republic designer Libby Robinson says.

“In the market that we’ve had, and are going into, presentation of property is absolutely key,” she says.

“When you’ve got the chance to catch someone’s attention, and if we can get them to engage with an image because of the aesthetic then that’s one extra click.”

Vendors across all price points are employing home stagers, with fees ranging from around $3,000 for a one bedroom CBD apartment to as much as $20,000 for a sprawling suburban mansion.

“You don’t want to price yourself out of property styling just because you’ve got a small home,” Libby says.

“Sometimes there’s a greater need for styling in a smaller property, if it’s got an awkward floorpan and people can’t visualise living in it.

“It can be more important to style lower-calibre properties because the finishes often aren’t as nice and you’re trying to lift the calibre of the home.”

Successful home staging is all about creating a look that appeals to a broad demographic and allows potential buyers to envisage how they could best use the space.

There might be some challenges that we work to overcome and we help buyer see the potential, that’s where home staging companies add the most value.

They try not to isolate any area of the market; not too modern and not too homely. They walk that fine line so that a young, cool investor-type purchaser can be excited about the space as well as a down-sizer coming from an ornate home.


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