We love helping people to invest in property, whether it is a short term development strategy or a long term buy and hold rental property. Let’s get started.



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We share your dreams of growing wealth through property and love helping people to invest in property, whether it is a short term development strategy or a long term buy and hold rental property. We believe that all people are on the same path to building wealth through property, just at different stages. That’s why we share our knowledge, to get you there faster.


Successful property investing calls for one key ingredient – planning. A rental property is a substantial financial commitment and you’ll achieve the best results if you take the time to get good advice and plan carefully before you act. That’s where we come in.

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More about purchasing an investment property

  • This is a great question, as the Real Estate market goes crazy, now can be a perfect time to invest. Luckily, interest rates at an all-time low. Lenders are more likely to allow you to borrow the money you need. A big plus is rental yields are solid! This means putting yourself in the best position to positively gear your investment.

  • Mortgage brokers are your professional experts who can simplify the home loan process by working closely with you throughout your home buying journey and beyond. Discover more about the benefits of having a mortgage broker.

  • The Victorian government has announced an investment of over $293 million to fund a stamp duty waiver

  • In Australia, it’s possible for just about anyone with a deposit to invest in property, whether you are a low-income earner on a tight budget, or a well-off executive with loads of disposable income.

  • Rentvesting has become increasingly popular in recent times. Last year, research from the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) found that one third of first-time buyers opted to become ‘rentvestors’, rather than homeowners. Here’s what you need to know before deciding whether rentvesting is right for you. But first, let’s look at...

  • Australians love investing in property, and it’s no wonder why. The property market offers a myriad of opportunities to potentially grow wealth, irrespective of one’s professional background or skillset. However, there are certain habits that successful property investors often have in common. Let’s take a look.

Frequently asked questions

Why invest in property?

Generations have built their wealth on bricks and mortar, secure in the knowledge that residential real estate can deliver regular, tax-friendly rent returns and long term growth in value. If you take the time and select your investment properties well, property can deliver good returns for long-term investors.

Will an investment loan be any different to a loan for the house I live in?

There are few differences between what you need to do to borrow for a property you’ll live in and for one you’ll rent out. Some lenders charge a higher interest rate for investment properties because their risk may be higher. But this may not necessarily be the case.

If you’re unsure how an investment loan would potentially impact your financial circumstances, we can help you to explore the implications.

Can I use the equity in my home as a deposit?

If you’ve owned your own home for a few years, you could have built up quite a bit of equity in your property. Equity is the value of an asset not subject to any lender’s interest. For example, a property worth $500,000 with a mortgage loan of $150,000 has equity of $350,000. Instead of finding a cash deposit to buy an investment property, you could use this equity as the deposit.

What fees and charges should I consider?

When you buy a property, costs such as establishment fees, solicitor fees and stamp duty add up to several thousand dollars. Instead of trying to find cash to pay these fees, take them into account in your borrowings. That means you don’t need thousands upon thousands of dollars in savings to get started. Find out more on how to minimise your cash outlay and schedule a free consultation with one of our finance specialists.

What is negative gearing?

A property is negatively geared when the costs of owning it – interest on the loan, bank charges, maintenance, repairs and capital depreciation – exceeds the income it produces. Simply put, your investment must make a loss before you can claim a tax benefit.

Aside from negative gearing, there are a host of other things to consider for successful property investments. We’ll talk you through it.

What is positive gearing?

You can also positively gear a property. This occurs when the investment income exceeds your interest expense (and other possible deductions). Note that you may be subject to additional tax on any income derived from a positively geared investment.

You should also consider any other costs involved when deciding on your investment property strategy. Let’s get together.

Free Property & Suburb Reports

To help you find the perfect home, we offer free Property Reports detailing information about the property you are considering, previous sale prices, information about the area, median house prices and the local demographic.


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